The Ghosts Of Belcourt Castle

There's hardly a room in Belcourt Castle that is specter free. In The Ghosts of Belcourt Castle, author Harle Tinney shares over twenty paranormal experiences at Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island. This sixty-room mansion was completed in 1894, but it stood empty for many years until Donald Tinney and his family purchased it in 1956. Accompanied by photographs, The Ghosts of Belcourt Castle, includes personal anecdotes and some third party stories. Tinney recounts some of the home's visitors-the mysterious monk, the pink lady in the Madame's bedroom, the suit of armor that screams, ghostly dancers in the French Gothic ballroom, and a disembodied arm that pointed through the staircase at a painting, which mysteriously fell from the wall only a few minutes later. Judging from the list of apparitions and eerie feelings in some areas, Belcourt Castle might just be the most haunted house in America.


Harle Tinney studied pre-med at Albion College in Michigan and cello at Brown Univsersity before her marriage to the artist, restorer and collector, Donald Harold Tinney. The Tinney family acquired art works and furniture from thirty three countries and many other Newport mansions over a sixty year time span.

Belcourt Castle Might Just Be The Most Haunted House In America
Told by Harle Tinne, who spent fifty years in the Gilded Age mansion

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